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Training and Certification: Ensure all security guards are properly trained and certified according to local regulations. This includes ongoing training to keep skills updated and compliant with industry standards.

Personnel Management: Managing schedules, payroll, and personnel files for all security guards employed at the branch office. This includes hiring, disciplinary actions, and performance evaluations.

Client Contracts and Relationships: Maintaining relationships with clients, negotiating contracts, and ensuring client satisfaction. This involves understanding the specific security needs of each client and customizing services accordingly.

Emergency Security Solution

Our guards are trained in access control, crowd management, traffic control, and executive protection. The main objective of our special events security is to maintain peace and order at events. Our Security Guards will always be responsible for only allowing the allowed press and paparazzi in. Movie Screenings involve alcohol sometimes and with our Security Guards we will also be in charge of Patrolling the area and escorting unwanted guests out.

Quick Security Fix

Our guards have received training in executive protection, traffic control, crowd control, and access control. Keeping things peaceful and organized during gatherings is our special events security's primary goal. Our security guards will always be in charge of letting journalists and photographers inside only when authorized. Sometimes there may be alcohol served during movie screenings, and our security guards will be in charge of patrolling the area and taking any unwelcome individuals out.

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